How To Watch NHL Game Centre Without Blackouts!

I’ve always been interested in ice hockey, I played roller hockey as a kid – but due to work and other commitments I’ve never been able to watch it live from the US and Canada. Because I’ve got some flexibility now, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

I was doing some research into the NHL’s Game Center Live service, which allows you to watch live streams of games for a fixed fee of $50 a year. The good thing is you can actually want them live (the FA has a LOT to learn!) but the bad thing is that due to a deal with Premier Sports, all NHL games will be blacked out in the UK.

Then comes in Unblock-Us, you know – that service I bang on about for US Netflix? They allow you to stream NHL with no blackouts! So users in the UK can watch the blacked out games – hurrah! It even works in Canada and the US for when local games are blacked out (to encourage them to go watch the game). Bit like some of the footy games here I suppose. One thing is for the sure – the FA & FIFA have SO much to learn.

You can watch NHL Game Center Live via Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and a whole range of other devices. But Unblock-us only support the Xbox Live app, Apple TV and in browser. They do mention that they’ll be supporting the iPad Game Center Live app once they’ve carried out further testing.

Watched a few games so far, the quality is spot on – although there were some teething issues with the NHL servers. I guess after the strike lots and lots of people *really* wanted to see their teams play! Seems to be ok now though. Xbox Live app is still down – but I kinda expected that due to the traffic. Hope it’s working soon, although the Apple TV quality really is neat.

What Else? I’ve got some free Unblock-Us accounts to give away!

Sadly the give away is only open to customers who haven’t subscribed to Unblock-us yet!

1) Sign up to the service by using this link (you must use this link otherwise you won’t be entered into the draw!)

2) That’s it! All the people who sign up using that link will be entered into a draw.

3) We’ll be picking 3 people at random to win free for a year accounts!

4) The winners will be picked on the 29th of March 2013 and notified accordingly. The winners will also be refunded any subscription charges they have paid up until that point.

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