Netflix DNS Not working?

I’ve been receiving reports about my videos (here and here) not working anymore… I just want to do some filling in!


If you’re still having problems then go a click “Check service”. I really cannot say this enough!!

If your IP changes then unblock us don’t know who you are. If they don’t know who you are then their servers will say no. So go and click on “check service” and they will know who you are again.

Don’t forget to restart the device that you were trying to connect too, whether this be your Xbox, PS3, PC, mac, iPhone etc… It won’t hurt to reboot your router too. If that doesn’t work, then go and raise a support ticket. They’re trained to deal with your problems.

 Original Post:

Ever since I made my first video about Netflix and the ability to gain access to the US Netflix catalogue even though you’re in the UK, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at endless comments about it. Replying to people who had problems setting it up, staying up till all hours working out how to fix it especially when the DNS servers suddenly wouldn’t work.

Introducing so many people to Breaking Bad and the ability to watch Desperate Housewives without having to pay for access to a separate service has been a joy!

So onto the point of my post. A few weeks ago I was approached by Unblock-Us (the people who own the DNS servers) who had seen my videos and were very impressed. They commissioned me to make a series about how to set up their service on many devices, as it’s such a pain to do on some! You’ll shortly be seeing my videos on their website soon and I’m rather excited!

As part of the deal they’ve agreed to give away some free accounts! Here’s how we’re going to do it…

1) Sign up to the service by using this link (you must use this link otherwise you won’t be entered into the draw!)

2) That’s it! All the people who sign up using that link will be entered into a draw.

3) We’ll be picking 12 people at random. 10 will receive their account paid for for a year and 2 for life!

4) The winners will be picked on the 15th of May 2012 and notified accordingly. The winners will also be refunded any subscription charges they have paid up until that point.

So good luck!

As for Netflix not working… If you don’t pay for the service, then it won’t work. For less than 10p a day I personally find it worth it.

(I’m explaining this so that people don’t think there’s some conspiracy theory – as I’ve always been open and honest about the relationships with the companies that I work with.)

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  1. Job well done!
    Now if only some would actualy take some notice LOL. :)

  2. Just seen both your Apple TV and PS3 videos.
    Very nice indeed. :)

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